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Project Brief

An ecommerce platform which allows th customer to customise his own clothing along with Fabric,Style,Asserts,Size and complete his purchase online. Thecustomer and customization information will be transferred to the manufacturing unit where the whole operation is controlled. Based on the given set of data the tailoring unit will stitch the customer desired costume and deliver it to the customer

Overview & Problem statement

Mike Gulati the owner of Paul's Fashion who is running a Costume Manufacturing unit in Thailand. He has many international customer for which he will be travelling to different parts to get the requirement from his customer. To minimize his travel and to cover all his international customer from one place he wanted to build a Men's Clothing Ecommerce platform in which the customer has the option to customise his own shirt,pant,suit and blazer and complete his purchase online


Key Features

Strong Knowledge in 2D/3D rendering

Product Management and Payment Integration through Shopify

Expertise in Unity3D


We have build a scalable and responsive web application where we have rendered 300+ images into single image within the size of 4KB using image processing techniques.The application has been build effectively using high end and latest technology where user will not face any delay in the loading time at teh time of redering the maniquin with the customer desired fabric.


Paul's Fashion has extended their online service to Singapore Customer through our online ecomerece portal. Planning to extend their service in mulitple countries across the globe in 2023.

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