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Work Approach

Our process represents both who we are and how we work.


This is the exciting beginning of our product delivery collaboration. Our objective is to properly understand the problem that we need to solve as well as our client needs.


We have a better understanding of the problem as well as a concept for a potential solution. The second step is to determine whether our product is worth building for the prospective users.


Our team works hard on the design since it is what makes a product stand out to its target audience and for the client as well. It must be innovative, aesthetic, and most essentially, usable.


Our skilled developers start working on the development and we do usability testing side by side to encounter any issues. At the end, we hand-off the source to our clients and take care of maintenance.

App Delivery Every 15 days

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Check out our work process and our way of work

1. Find New Ideas

2. Requirement Analysis

3. Prepare a Plan

4. Build Product

5. Quality Analysis

6. Launch

Automated AI services

Computer vision

Computer Vision & AI

For the past years, Proglint has been providing solutions for Gordian knot Problems to various sectors like inventory management, security monitoring, Quality control, etc through their unique Ai solutions.

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