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For the past few years, Proglint has been providing solutions for Gordian knot Problems to various sectors like inventory management, security monitoring, Quality control, etc through their unique AI solutions.

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Solve real-world problems with AI integrated vision

Proglint creates a path to tackle tedious real time problems using unique algorithms integrated with deep learning applications.


Autonomous Vending Machine


Walk In Walk Out


The Pauls Fashion


Gaming center - Self-checkout


Smart Trolley


Micros 3700 POS


Frictionless Store


Loss Prevention


Contactless Pickup

Collect data for computer vision annotation

Proglint provides built-in, automated collection capabilities to gather training data. Automate, secure and control the entire data collection process, using semi automated vision tools.

Capture training data

Record and store video data from one or multiple cameras with integrated capturing.

Video data manager​

Create new or import video data to the video data library. Manage all data in one place.

Automated collection​

Continuously gather data to improve AI models using automated, distributed data collection.

Annotate image

Bring teams together to create high-quality datasets using a complete palette of labeling tools. Your data never leaves your workspace, keep everything safe and stay in full control.

Image annotation

Comprehensive data labeling capabilities, including semi-automatic annotation.

Highly-configured datasets​

Create and manage datasets for computer vision model training, directly in the workspace.

Collaborative annotation​

A team of data annotators can safely annotate videos and guest access for external annotators.

Train and manage AI models

Manage your AI models across all frameworks in the model library. Choose from pre-trained models, and import or train your own custom AI models. Use built-in version control as you constantly improve your AI models.

AI Model training

Use one or multiple integrated environments to train custom computer vision algorithms.

AI Model Manager​

choose best model among wide range of Trained models.

Pre-Trained Models​

Choose from an extensive library of integrated deep learning models, or import your own.

Deploy computer vision applications at scale

The integrated device management provides automated and secure enrollment. Manage a fleet of devices in different environments and deploy applications rapidly. Now you can ensure your applications scale.

Edge device management

Easily enroll and manage physical and virtual edge computers – safely and fully automated.

Distributed Fleet​

The automated collector agent provides IoT scale communication and offline capabilities.

Automated deployment​

Deploy applications using profiles, manage different releases and deploy with one click.

Connect deployed applications and devices

The built-in Edge Gateway connects the fleet of devices and secures all connectivity to the workspace. Local on-device deep learning enables fast, cost-efficient, and privacy-preserving AI vision.

IoT Edge Gateway

Integrated Edge Gateway manages and secures all Edge-Cloud connectivity a metrics.

Configuration manager​

Configuration manager Efficiently configure applications and manage individual configurations in the cloud.

Private Edge AI Processing​

On-device machine learning analyzes all video data directly, without sending or storing video.

Monitor events and metrics in the Cloud

Use comprehensive BI analytics tools data analysis. Create custom dashboards and interactive drill-down reports with ready-made charts. Write data queries and connect your own BI tools.

Real-time analytics

Visualize real-time and historical data and metrics from your applications.

BI dashboard builder​

Dashboard editor to create custom BI dashboards with +40 ready-made charts.

Event monitoring​

Aggregate data across all devices, use drill-down filters, explore data to identify events.

Maintain all applications and ensure continuous delivery

Implement a responsive and fast computer vision update and upkeep strategy. Detect issues effectively and early. Resolve problems efficiently with built-in debugging tools.

Over-the-air updating

Manage application versions and remotely roll out releases to different environments.

Automated diagnosis​

Identify issues early with powerful diagnosis tools, system alerts, and auto health checks.

Effective troubleshooting​

Resolve issues with remote troubleshooting tools, fast rollbacks, and disaster recovery.

Secure and protect all data and applications

Integrate enterprise-grade security capabilities throughout the entire computer vision lifecycle. Deliver secure applications and run on secure infrastructure, and enforce data encryption.

Unified security model

Manage users and track activity, use security policies to manage sessions and passwords.

Access management​

Enterprise role-based access management (RBAC), permissions, and custom user roles.

Zero Trust Security​

Protect computer vision systems with multi-layered authentication and authorization.

Build secure applications

Viso Suite provides automated dependency analysis and vulnerability scans.

Edge protection​

Fully lock down edge devices. The Edge Defender provides whitelisting and auto wiping.

Data encryption​

Use high-security algorithms to protect all data at rest and in transit – throughout the lifecycle.

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