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Autonomous solutions

As there is a wide range of problems increasing in the human race, there is a huge demand for autonomous solutions to overcome these problems Proglint has stepped further in advancing autonomous solutions by integration with Ai.

Game-changing Advantages of Proglint

The no-code computer vision platform makes computer vision and deep learning dramatically easier and faster.

10x faster to market

Skip writing code from scratch and use visual no-code tools. Build, deploy and debug apps much faster.

40% lower operating costs

Massive time savings through automation and low-code. No need to host infrastructure. Built-in integrations to reuse any camera.

Data privacy and security

Use on-device deep learning, process data in in real-time without sending it to the cloud. Manage access to your data.

Automate everything which humans can see

Proglint is the most complete no-code computer vision platform. Become a computer vision enabled organization..

Full control

All you need in one secure Suite. No need for stitching together separate tools and platforms.

Highest data privacy

Edge Computing allows local on-device machine learning. No need to send video to the cloud.

Agility and extensibility

Use any camera, hardware, or AI model. Add your own custom code. Avoid being stuck with a vendor.

Fast and Flexible

Rapid development and deployment to enhance process cycle.

Rapid development

Use intuitive, visual no-code/low-code tools and automation - for the entire application lifecycle.

Operate at global scale

Manage all users, applications and data in one place. Deploy computer vision to thousands of endpoints.

Proven Results in Weeks, Not Years​

Get results from day one and accelerate time to value for all your applications.

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