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Enable businesses around the world to use AI vision

AI and Computer Vision has a wide range of uses across industries like supply chain and logistics, automotive, retail, and more. As much we our eyes to see and understand the world to us, so do the computers to analyze and interpret visual data. Proper implementation of computer vision system requires a strong team of experts to collect and compile the necessary data.

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These are the key features that make proglint unique as an employer and differentiate us from our competitors.


We offer our employees a stellar research platform and ultra-high-level professional challenge. The company provides a unique combination of in-depth research platforms and an extremely short time-to-market in a startup environment.


We are addressing the toughest business, operation and tech challenges. We can do that because our team provides an exceptional talent density powered by real-world experience. At Proglint , you’ll alter reality for millions of shoppers all over the world.


We are investing in people. We appreciate hard work and dedication, and we are looking for leaders who will grow with us. This means that anyone joining Proglint becomes part of a bold and resourceful team of dreamers and doers.

In everything we do, we believe in stretching the boundaries of what’s possible. We achieve that by making our products smart, ultra-advanced, and easy to use.

Proglint is building the digital infrastructure for the future of retail. We provide the technology to digitize physical stores and power them completely with the most advanced AI and computer-vision technology available in a reliable, privacy-driven platform.

We are working with the world’s most ambitious grocery retailers and utilizing the expertise of our team to transform the grocery retail business, one challenge at a time.

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Exceptional people

We want to work with great people. Earn trust every day. Be an owner with courage to change.

Relentless innovation

Think big. Be innovative. Make magic. Believe in the simple, not the complex. Execute and deliver.

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Create Swiss quality for the world. Don’t settle for anything less than excellence.

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