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Launch Year

2022, Jan





Project Brief

The Nourish + Bloom (N&B) Store Manager & Customer App Project funded by UST global is to enable the Store Manager to efficiently manage the Inventory and handle Walk In Walk Out (WIWO) store, Hybrid store (Vision Checkout + L&T), and E-Commerce for In-store Pick-up and Door delivery (Restaurant/Bistro + Grocery orders) services effectively. The store Manager plays a major role in Store administration, which includes tracking the products/orders/refunds, assisting the customers’ orders, observing the customers’ needs and trends, dealing with complaints & grievances, and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction through excellent service services. This mobile and web application will be a one-stop solution for all the above needs of a Store Manager, by providing an integrated solution on a single screen.


Overview & Problem statement

The three major existing shopping sections were WIWO (Pick & Go / Scan & Go + Costa Coffee), Hybrid (Vision Checkout + L&T), and E-Commerce for In-store pick-up and Door delivery (Restaurant/Bistro + Grocery orders). To integrate the Walk-In Walk Out (WIWO) store, Hybrid store (Vision Checkout + L&T), E-commerce, and Restaurant services concept as one solution. To generate and send invoices to the registered in-store customer for WIWO ( Pick&go, Scan&GO) and Vision Checkout shopping which will automatically trigger the transaction against the customer on their exit or checkout respectively.


Key Features

Team of skilled React Native, React and Java.

Family shopping inside the WIWO store was successfully achieved with a common invoice.

Successful Integration with the hardware devices such as Daxbot Robot, Hitachi, and Dormakaba's turnstile gate, costa coffee, and Vision checkout.

Followed up Agile methodology and was able to close sprints in a very less timeline with the support of enthusiastic developers from the web. mobile and backend team.

The feedback from clients was accepted and completed on time.


1. Integrating WIWO (Pick & Go / Scan & Go + Costa Coffee), Hybrid (VC + L&T) and E-commerce (Store pickup and door delivery) as a one-stop solution
2. Web and Mobile app solutions for Customers, Store Managers, and Bistro Associates
3. Web app solution for Bistro chef and Bistro Display
4. Integration with Vision Checkout to process payment and send an invoice for customer app registered users
5. Integration with Hitachi to monitor customer journey inside the store
6. Integration with Dormakaba's turnstile to trigger entry and exit of the customer on successful QR code Scanning
7. Integration with Costa Coffee to keep rack of coffee picked by the customer
8. Integration with Daxbot Robot for door delivery orders
9. Store manager to partially/fully accept the orders
10. Store Manager can partially / fully accept the refund requests
11. Store Managers can create various promotions such as customer coupons, free items, combo offers, dollar offers, and multibuy
12. To generate reports in various categories such as sales reports, transaction success/failure, and so on
13. Facility to track the location of the Robot was provided
14. SM can process refunds manually
15. Customer can communicate with SM through chat
16. View the invoices of WIWO, E-commerce, ScannGo, and Hybrid - category-wise
17. SM can view the notifications and can take necessary action on them
18. SM can view the list of blocked customer and unblock them if required


The NNB application was launched successfully on 21st January 2022, with a good number of customers visiting the NNB store for WIWO shopping with our application installed on their mobile. NNB Web and mobile app are being used for E-commerce orders (store pickup and door delivery) as well.

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