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Project Brief

Smart Locker is an Instore pickup module which allows the flexibility to collect the items ordered anytime which adds flexibility to the system. It helps to ease the wait for the scheduled shipping of the items. It can be integrated with any e-commerce portal.

Overview & Problem statement

Ecommerce and Convenient stores face pain points both in consumer and business perpespective in terms of high shipping cost, delay in order delivery, lack of notification process, high training costs on employess on instore pickup process, cost in developing a click & collect system from scratch, difficulty in managing capacity limits or to integrate with the existing systems.


Key Features

With strong expertise in React native in which the UI has been developed and through proficiency in SQL database and azure cloud architecture.

We developed the locker application for two user persona - Customer and Store Admin with hardware intergration from Syngtech.

Geo-Fencing and Geo-Tagging functionalities to provide seamless pickup module for users.


Smart Locker app can be integrated with any e-commerce portal with in-store pickup module. With the help of seggregator inventory module for both store and warehouse the delivery timeline has been accurately notified to the user. The dashboard will be updated with live data and can scale the lockers based on utiliation. It conveniently eradicates time consuming process like training the store associates, bricks and mortar traffic in recieving the products. With this feature loaded application, client was able to have a clear inventory allocation to the user, enterprise management and customer engagement like individual customer mapping for better experience and encouraging customers for continous shopping and upselling.


The application enables consmoprof, a cosmetic company based in US to expand their physical footprint to sell products by conveniently arranging a pickup module through Smart locker thus saving the last mile delivery time and cost. It helps the environment to a greater extent in reducing the CO2 emission by avoiding the vechicle usage in delivery time.

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