Autonomous Vending Machine





Launch Year




Artifical Intelligence


Project Brief

A fully automated vending machine, which detects the picked up items using computer vision and charges the customer according to the items they picked up. This is different from regular vending machines where the cabinets cannot be opened by the customer.

Overview & Problem statement

To come up with a fully automated solution for shopping items placed in a cabinet. The customer swipes their card, unlocks the cabinets he needs and picks up the items he wants. The system will detect the items and charge the customer accordingly. It will also detect any misplaced items returned to the wrong position in shelf and raise an alert.


Key Features

Expertise in Python

Deep Learning & Computer Vision

Counting & Object detection


1. Integrating with kiosk for receiving customer information.
2. Processing camera frames from multiple cameras to identify items that were picked up or returned to the shelf using Deep Learning.
3. When the customer's session is completed, finalizing the list of items that were picked up by the customer and charging them accordingly.
4. Detect any misplaced items returned to the shelf and raise an alert.


Computer vision based shopping is the future of fully automated shopping. Solutions similar to this will allow to reduce human error and the need for cashiers working in a store.

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